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Discontinued Distribution

Multi-Purpose Juice Extractor
With Built-In Intelligence

Taste the difference with Living Enzyme Juice
Store fresh juice up to 72 hours

Built-In Intelligence
The reverse rotation function will automatically activate to clear the product if overloaded. The power consumption will be controlled automatically if excess pressure is applied or a foreign object is inserted into the feeding chute, preventing possible serious damage. Voice and sound indications.

The most powerful with a motor capability of 2/3 hp compared to 1/4 hp of other "Living Juice Extractors".

The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is the lowest of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor" at an ultra low 70~80 rpm to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and living enzymes.The living enzymes extracted from your fruit and vegetable will aid the digestive system, help your body absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently and boost your energy levels.

No pulp adjustment necessary, so juicing is made easier.
The quietest of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor".
The easiest to clean of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor".

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